12 August 2023

11.30am - 2.30pm

Join us for this drop-in event with activities, talks and the opportunity to meet a real live armadillo! We're exploring amazing skin – and what it tells us about our identity, our emotions and how we view ourselves. What is a freckle? Why do we blush? Why do you get pimples? We'll answer all these questions and many more!

At this event you’ll have the chance to:

•    Make a model of the skin you can eat
•    Dress up as a plague doctor
•    Get a temporary tattoo
•    Examine your own skin through a microscope

12pm to 2pm: Meet an armadillo!

12.30pm: Professor Sara Brown, a skin specialist doctor, will give a short talk, encouraging you to think about what your amazing skin does and how it reveals clues about your life history and health.


We’ll also be joined by:
Eczema Outreach Support (EOS), a charity supporting families with children with eczema, who will have some fun activities to get you thinking about your skin, the importance of creams and how it might feel to have eczema.

Artist Beverley Hood will be exhibiting a set of 3D printed artificial skin cells, developed in an eczema genetic research lab, enlarged to 2000 times larger than life.

No need to book. Drop-in any time between 11:30am and 2.30pm.

This event is aimed at 5-14 years, but everyone is welcome!