Becoming an examiner

We rely on the voluntary support and clinical expertise of our College Fellows to run PACES exams. Examiners can contribute to medical standards and enhance their own CPD; most UK Health Boards and NHS Trusts recognise examining as a supporting professional activity. We pay for accommodation and UK travel. Find out how to become an Examiner; you can also email us at with any questions.

Examiner expenses

Before submitting an expenses claim form:

  • Please read the guidance notes on the expenses claim form when submitting a claim for travel and subsistence expenses.
  • To obtain payment please include copies of all receipts attached to your expense claim form to avoid any delays in processing your claim.
  • Please complete the College expenses form. Please use this version of the form (updated 2019) as the old form is no longer valid.
  • Please submit your completed expenses form, accompanied by all receipts to the examination department for approval. Email:


Examiner travel 2022/2

We ask examiners to book their own travel and then claim the costs back by submitting our expenses claim form. When booking travel, where possible, please remember the following:

  • Please book early to reduce costs.
  • Use advance tickets - but remember to leave some extra time after the end of the exam in the event it over-runs.
  • Flights should be booked to travel from your local / nearest available airport, with an economy class ticket unless agreed in advance with the College.
  • Rail travel should be booked to travel from your local / nearest available station, with a standard class ticket for short journeys (first class rail travel may be used for longer journeys but if in doubt please check in advance with the College Exams department).
  • Taxis should be used only for short journeys. Longer journeys should be by local transport or car (if you are unsure of which to use, please check in advance with the College Exams department)
  • Mileage can be claimed for use of a personal vehicle on college business at a rate of 45p per mile. This is the current Inland Revenue Approved Rate. All other related road costs e.g. tolls can also be claimed. Mileage for long distance journeys will be capped at the equivalent amount of a return standard air / rail fare.
  • A single journey should not exceed £100 unless agreed with the College.
  • One option for travel booking is to use Altour. We are happy to offer this service to examiners, but remind you that the College pays a charge for each booking made through Altour, so if you are happy to book travel yourself, please do so.