Our New Fellows’ Day and admission ceremony took place at the College on Friday 8 November. It was an enjoyable celebration of the many achievements of our new Fellows. In total, Council welcomed over 80 New Fellows and their families from 19 countries.

Every year around 450 doctors are elected to Fellowship. This is our highest category of membership, awarded to consultants or equivalent who have progressed in their careers. 

We heard from some of our new Fellows to discover what the ceremony and becoming a Fellow meant to them: 

Dr Lorelei Salazar, Endocrinology and Diabetes consultant from Manchester: "It's an honour and privilege to be in a community of like-minded, motivated people who are committed to improving the standards of patient care. It's humbling to be recognised for our work, and for my involvement with educating junior doctors." 

Dr Gourab Choudhury, a Respiratory consultant from Edinburgh: "I've been looking forward to today, it will be a fantastic experience and it feels like I've come full circle!" 

Dr Carolyn Chee, an Endocrinology and Diabetes consultant in Nottingham: "I'm very honoured to be part of the College. This is great opportunity for personal development and I hope to continue the good work of the College!"

You can find out more about the process of becoming a Fellow here.