The College is fortunate to have a strong network of Fellows across the UK and overseas who hold key Regional Adviser positions, and we are extremely grateful to them for helping support the College in being the College of Choice for physicians and related specialities.

We are now seeking nominations of enthusiastic Fellows for the position of Regional Adviser for Saudi Arabia.  This is a very exciting opportunity for you to contribute to the College in a key role, increase your network of contacts throughout Saudi Arabia, and make a valuable addition to your CV.

The term of office is 5 years, and Fellows in the Region who are practising physicians may be nominated.  (Retired Fellows may wish to encourage other Fellows to consider this opportunity.)  A paper outlining the functions of a Regional Adviser is also available on the website for your information.

The election will be carried out in accordance with Council's policy of advertising vacancies to the Fellowship.

Fellows are now invited to nominate candidates for election to this Regional Adviser post.  Proposers should obtain their candidate's agreement before putting forward a nomination. The candidate, proposer and seconder must all be up to date with payment of the annual subscription.

The Nomination Form is available on this website.  The proposer and seconder must both complete and sign their own sections of the Nomination Form (electronic signatures are acceptable).  The candidate must complete and sign the section headed Candidate Information & Consent Form.

The deadline for receipt of nominations for this vacancy is Monday 2 March 2020.  If a number of nominations are received, a local election may be held in the Region.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Professor Mark Strachan FRCP Edin

Application Closing Date: 
Monday, 2 March, 2020